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What did you learn last week?

I don’t know about you but my emotions were all over the place! I realised that I had grown very used to having the house and my office to myself and liked my own company.

However, two daughters who flew our nest have returned and my husband is now home with me in lockdown and our home is busy and noisy again.

I’ve recognised that at times I was a little irritable and short tempered with them and myself, but looking back I also realised I had “Zoom Fatigue!”

I attended a network meeting, webinars, quiz, had one to ones, started a course all online and realised I had overwhelmed myself.

This week I’ve decided to do it differently and I’m not going to try and doing everything. I’ve planned my week with limited online meetings and activities.

Starting my day with exercise, having my daily walk, accepting that it’s ok not to feel ok at times, having fun, baking, get to bed at a reasonable time, stay connected with friends, stop trying to do too much and basically just learning to adapt to the changes that lockdown has brought to us all.

If you’re on Facebook I’m going to do a Live (my public page) every day, to check in and see how you’re doing.