Media & Public Talks

Photograph of Madeleine speaking at an eventIf anyone had told me a few years ago that one day I would be giving radio and TV interviews, speaking publicly or writing a book; I would never have believed them.  But after sharing my story publicly for the first time in September 2014 I realised that my voice and words are now my strength and I will continue to speak out against sexual violence for all those who can’t find their voice yet.

I want people to know that they are not what happened to them, that its never too late to get support and that they can heal from sexual violence and transform their pain into something positive.


My aim is that by sharing my story it inspires hope for other people to understand that if we choose to we can get past anything in life.  After all it’s not what happens to us that is important but what we do with it.

If you’d like me to be a guest speaker at a conference, school or public awareness event, please email to discuss.

Guest Web/Blog Articles

Story published on The Forgiveness Project Website

The Forgiveness Project book released which includes Madeleine's story. 

Guest Blog for Total Edification

Guest Blog for Emily J Hook (The Forgiveness Academy)

Guest Blog for Female First


STV Interview

'Coming to terms with the past' - Corby

Stronger by thirteensquared

Trailer for Foreign Body Play by Imogen Butler-Cole

Recorded Interviews/Talks

Radio 4 interview “One to One” with Sir Trevor McDonald on Redemption


Interviewed by BBC World Service on “forgiveness”


Speaker at Festival of Light, University of Keele. “Making peace with the enemy”


Radio 5 interview with Dan Walker and Dr Radha Modgil.


Radio London


Talk to 120 pupils at Mount Mercy College, Cork.

Radio Scotland Interview with Stephen Jardine on Kaye Adams Show.


Comment after the Radio Scotland Interview on Kaye Adams Show.


Q&A after a performance called Foreign Body Play by Imogen Butler Cole at Camden People’s Theatre in London.