Unbroken | Episode 21 | Ashley Bendikson | Take Back Your Power

by | Jan 12, 2021

Madeleine Black
Unbroken | Episode 21 | Ashley Bendikson | Take Back Your Power

Welcome to “Unbroken” The Podcast.
Healing Through Storytelling.

How to use even the worst experiences for good!

Ashley Bendiksen is a national speaker, Top Youth Speaker, award-winning activist, author, and prevention educator. 

She specializes in domestic violence and sexual assault prevention, healthy youth dating, empowerment and leadership development. Ashley graduated with a B.A. in Administration of Justice, to which she built a diverse and accomplished career in crime and victim services, advocacy, prevention education, and communications. 

As an activist, she has held leadership positions within dozens of major non-profits and has founded her own social change initiatives. 

She currently serves on two boards of directors, and is the Founder of the Blue Hearts Project, a global storytelling platform for survivors. 

 Additionally, Ashley is the author of The Language of Time, a breakthrough best-selling memoir on Amazon. She currently resides in Newport, RI

Meet Ashley here : https://www.ashleybendiksen.com/

And all the other platforms of note here: https://linktr.ee/ashleybendiksen

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“Unbroken” – The Podcast with Madeleine Black, features  individuals who have all triumphed after adversity and have not just bounced back in life, but forward and are now making a difference for others.
Hosted by Madeleine Black, the show will share stories of all the amazing people Madeleine has met on her own journey as an author/speaker and these stories will heal, motivate, inspire and bring hope when they share their wisdom and knowledge with her.

She really believes in the power that comes when we share our stories, that in fact we are not story tellers but story healers. Tune in to discover what helped them to stay unbroken and together we will discover that none of us are broken beyond repair.

She has her own unusual personal story which she uses to inspire and motivate others. She chose to forgive the two men who gang raped her at thirteen years old. 

 Her memoir, “Unbroken”, was published on April 4th, 2017 and she continues to work as a psychotherapist.

You can find Madeleine, and learn more about her own story  on all the main platforms, and here at: https://madeleineblack.co.uk/