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37: Still Standing with Natalie Queiroz

by | May 4, 2021

Unbroken: Healing Through Storytelling
Unbroken: Healing Through Storytelling
37: Still Standing with Natalie Queiroz

I know this episode with this incredible woman and dear friend will amaze you!

Natalie is the best-selling author of her debut book ‘Still Standing’, Professional Motivational Speaker, Passionate Anti-Knife Crime/Anti Youth Violence specialist and Multiple Award-Winning Charity Fundraiser.

Friday March 4th, 2016 in broad daylight, eight-month pregnant Natalie, on leave from her professional career, was stabbed 24 times in the street with a 12-inch carving knife by a disguised attacker in a calculated and vicious attempted murder, lasting a horrific 9 minutes in total.

Despite suffering appalling life-critical wounds, Natalie and her baby, against all medical odds, survived but with life-changing physical and emotional damage; the latter being extensively added to by the discovery of who exactly the disguised attacker was and a world of lies and deceit unfolding.

Since her horrendous ordeal, Natalie has completely changed her life, leaving behind her 19-year successful career in the pharmaceutical industry to start up two businesses; Natalie Q Inspire Ltd and a not-for-profit Community Interest Company – Inspire 2 Quit Blades (i2QB).

For anyone listening to her story, they will get a true reminder that life can be pieced back together, no matter how bad the damage. 

 Some key points from our interview:

·      How she had the awareness and strength to stay calm when the ambulance crew were working on her, even cracking jokes with them

·      How she has learnt to adjust to the misplaced guilt she felt 

·      How she felt empowered to visit her ex-partner in prison 

·      How she found a way to say goodbye to the “nice” Bobby for her own final closure 

·      How she has now taken back her own power and control and feels free from him

·      How she now uses her story for a force for good and is passionate about changing mindsets in her anti knife campaigner role 

“I was free from the prison he was caught up inside but more importantly, I had freed myself a little more from him”

 Find out more about Natalie here https://qinspire.co.uk

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"Unbroken: Healing Through Storytelling" features  individuals who have all triumphed after adversity and have not just bounced back in life, but forward and are now making a difference for others.

Hosted by Madeleine Black, the show will share stories of all the amazing people Madeleine has met on her own journey as an author/speaker and these stories will heal, motivate, inspire and bring hope when they share their wisdom and knowledge with her.

She really believes in the power that comes when we share our stories, that in fact we are not story tellers but story healers. Tune in to discover what helped them to stay unbroken and together we will discover that none of us are broken beyond repair.

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