Never Forget

January 27th marks the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and it made me think of my lovely Dad, Leo Geddy (Leopold Gedajlovic) For those of you who don’t know, my dad was a Holocaust Survivor His parents, brothers and sisters were all murdered at Auschwitz and his youngest brother Mordechai, was only 6. My dad was my greatest teacher as he showed me not by what he said but, by how he lived his life that we can get past anything that happens to us in life if we choose to. I used to think that if was able to adjust […]

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Don't be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others

I’m exactly where I’m meant to be – looking back at 2019

Up until last year, I had worked for twelve years as a psychotherapist, but I was getting asked more and more to attend various speaking events to share my story. It got me thinking that maybe I should stop working as a psychotherapist to focus on speaking more but I decided if it was meant to be that I would like a sign (I like signs!)  I thought if I was going to be a professional speaker then I would love to work internationally to be able to spread my message far and wide into the world. I never imagined […]

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My favourite symbol!

I’ve had a lot of questions asked since I did my TEDxGlasgow talk a few weeks ago. One of them has been what was I wearing around my neck! Some people thought it was a cross but as they know I’m Jewish, they were confused I was wearing the symbol known as the Zia which I bought last summer on a road trip in the US, in Sante Fe, New Mexico There was a wallpaper border in the room that I was gang raped in made out of pink and grey bows, which I counted over and over and over […]

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