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53: Dream Big with Rayson Choo

by | Aug 25, 2021

Unbroken: Healing Through Storytelling
Unbroken: Healing Through Storytelling
53: Dream Big with Rayson Choo

Rayson Choo is dubbed as "The Celebrity Whisperer".  On his podcast show, called The Raygacy Show, he loved to pick the brains of the best entrepreneurs in the world such as Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, Steve Sims etc. to find out from them what are some of the simple and effective steps that millennials can take to experience success in the swiftest and most effective way possible.

 His mission is to inspire people around the world, creating more impact, legacy and joy with his unique experience and knowledge that he has on Personal Mastery, Personal Branding and Professional Networking.

 He is a well-respected authority in the realm of Personal Branding and Professional Networking and has been featured numerous times in media both locally and internationally 

 He lives by the belief that if we all knew how much we’ve missed out on by being uneducated, disconnected and broke, we’d be working a lot harder towards our goals. The person you will be in a year from now is based on the content you study, who you are mentored by and the people you surround yourself with today


Some key points from our interview:

·         How he talks about growing up with a mother who had mental health issues.

·         How his mother’s schizophrenia influenced him to train as a psychiatric nurse.

·         How he still works as a nurse alongside running his successful podcast show and feels he has his feet in two contrasting worlds.

·         How he’s passionate about personal development and improvement to be the best version of himself.

·         How he believes that who you surround yourself with is very important.


 You can connect with Rayson here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raysonc/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hireraysonchoo/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/raygacy/

The Tribe of Raygacy: https://t.me/theraygacyshowfamily

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"Unbroken: Healing Through Storytelling" features  individuals who have all triumphed after adversity and have not just bounced back in life, but forward and are now making a difference for others.

Hosted by Madeleine Black, the show will share stories of all the amazing people Madeleine has met on her own journey as an author/speaker and these stories will heal, motivate, inspire and bring hope when they share their wisdom and knowledge with her.

She really believes in the power that comes when we share our stories, that in fact we are not story tellers but story healers. Tune in to discover what helped them to stay unbroken and together we will discover that none of us are broken beyond repair.

You can find out more about Madeleine, her story and her memoir, Unbroken,  from her website: https://madeleineblack.co.uk/

 Watch edited highlights on YouTube:

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