Don't be ashamed of your story, it will inspire others

I’m exactly where I’m meant to be – looking back at 2019

Up until last year, I had worked for twelve years as a psychotherapist, but I was getting asked more and more to attend various speaking events to share my story. It got me thinking that maybe I should stop working as a psychotherapist to focus on speaking more but I decided if it was meant to be that I would like a sign (I like signs!)  I thought if I was going to be a professional speaker then I would love to work internationally to be able to spread my message far and wide into the world. I never imagined […]

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Unbroken – Speaking the Unspeakable

On Friday June 14th I stood on the famous TEDx red dot and shared my story with an audience of 2000!  Here is a transcript for you of my talk : Is there something holding you back? Something that nobody else knows, that you can’t speak about?  When I was thirteen, I knew my childhood was over The Café I had this friend at school who was so cool, everything that I wasn’t and when she suggested a night out, I jumped at the chance Her mum was away and we both lied about where we were staying and somehow […]

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No more shame – my TEDx

If anybody told me that one day, I would be standing on the famous TEDx red dot in front of an audience of 2000 people to share my most intimate details of being gang raped as a thirteen-year-old, I would never have believed it But on June 14th, with a talk titled “Unbroken – Speaking the Unspeakable” that’s exactly what I did! For many years I was silenced by my own shame of being gang raped as I wrongly assumed that if people found out that they would be disgusted, look at me differently and not want to associate with me anymore. […]

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